Vendor Opportunities

SquidFest provides lots of opportunities for Vendors to become involved! Vending at a SquidFest provides you with an opportunity to make money while enjoying steady performances by the best entertainers Newfoundland has to offer. Whether you are offering concessions or selling homemade crafts or art, SquidFest will bring customers to you whom you might not have reached otherwise. Before you set-up for SquidFest there are a number of things we want you to know.

  1. We try to limit competition among our vendors. As you invest your time and products into SquidFest we want to omit as much competition as possible. At the same time, we need have enough vendors to reduce lines and speedy service for all our festival participants.
  2. We have lots of opportunities for all types of concessions. Whether you are food, clothing, novelty, arts, etc. we want you to be involved with SquidFest!
  3. As the SquidFest Calendar of Events is not 100% complete, we are only accepting food vendors at this time. We guarantee there will be lots of opportunities for product concessionaires, however we want to make sure all opportunities are laid out before we accept them.
  4. All events for the SquidFest will be released in early June. We will start taking product vendors on this day in a first come first serve manner.
  5. This festival celebrates the history of “Squidding” in Holyrood. We ask all food vendors to consider selling Calamari at our events. The more creative you are with your product the better it helps your application.
  6. Cost for all vendors to set up at SquidFest will be $50.00 per day. This cost will include a 6ft table and 2 chairs. Payment must be received at the Holyrood Town Office before the event takes place as vendors will be asked to present receipt upon set-up.
  7. If you have any questions regarding vending in Holyrood please contact us at [email protected].

To be considered as a Vendor for SquidFest please see the Vendor Application Form below.

Vendor Application Form

    Please complete the below form to be considered as a vendor for Harvest Hoedown. Upon completion, the Harvest Hoedown Committee will review applications and approve for set up at the Festival. Cost is $25 for produce / product vendor and $50 for food vendor.

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