Self-Directed Activity Winners

Geocaching Prize: $50 Tim’s Card Winner: Thomas Maloney Family Mountain Bike Ride Prize: $50 Sports Chek Card Winner: Matthew Maloney Explore Holyrood Prize: Kelli-Ann Pye Beshara Print- “Hills of Holyrood” Winner: Joshua Healey Virtual 8K Roody Winners Coming Soon…

Explore Holyrood

It is time to get outside and Explore Holyrood this SquidFest! We have signs at 8 locations throughout the Town. Get outside, visit each location, get a picture with the Explore Holyrood sign, and enter to win lots of amazing prizes including a Keli-Ann Pye Bashara “Hills of Holyrood” print. Signs will be placed in the following locations on July … Read More

Winner: The Perfect Poutine

Winner: Margaret Morgan Availability: Available at the Station Diner Wednesday, July 14-18 Name: Ultimate Bacon Cheese Burger Poutine Incredients: Red potatoes Mix cheddar cheese Onions Mushrooms Bacon Burger patty Mayo Relish Ketchup Can poutine gravy Green onion

SquidFest 32 Site Launch

We just updated the site with a lot of details about SquidFest 32 (2021). Keep checking back for more details over the next few days!